The project to renovate the area of the old GSP stadium in Nicosia will be completed in the autumn, Nicosia mayor Constantinos Yiorkadjis told the Cyprus News Agency on Wednesday.

The project, which costs around €20 million, will add to the large pedestrian area on the southwestern side of the walled city, he said, and will function as a “green lung”.

“The project is progressing, the concreting work is about 90 per cent complete, and the hard infrastructure of the project is on its way to full completion,” Yiorkadjis said. He added that planting has also begun.

When asked about the project being completed on time, Yiorkadjis said there was a “slight delay”, but despite this the project was progressing “very satisfactorily”. He added that the project’s €20 million cost includes ten years of maintenance.

Yiorkadjis said it would provide the capital with a large green space with many possible uses: features slated for the space include approximately 550 parking spaces, cafes and restaurants and a plaza with a water feature.

The renovated area will be part of a large pedestrian-friendly zone in the centre of Nicosia which will include the new archaeological museum, the renovated new municipal theatre, the upgraded bike-lane area around the parliament building and the municipal gardens, the renovated Paphos Gate, the unified sections of the moat and Eleftheria square, the upgraded Makarios avenue, Stasikratous street and the Thoc building, he said.