The United Arab Emirates (UAE) tourist market for Cyprus is steadily on the rise, according to Deputy Minister of Tourism Kostas Koumis, who stressed the need for increased attention to Middle Eastern and Asian countries.

Speaking following the conclusion of meetings at both the Arabian Travel Market tourism exhibition and the AIM Congress, Koumis stated that discussions during these events explored the possibility of new promotional actions, which “are now firmly on the path to implementation”.

A statement released on Thursday by the Tourism Ministry noted that Koumis led a delegation to the Arabian Travel Market 2024 exhibition in Dubai, accompanied by industry partners.

Meetings were held with travel agents and airlines, which aimed at increasing tourist flows from the UAE and Middle Eastern countries in general, as well as enhancing Cyprus’ air connectivity with existing and new destinations.

Specifically, the statement continued, meetings were held with senior executives of various airlines, including Jazeera, Gulf Air, and Air India.

The minister then took part in the 13th Annual Investment Meeting (AIM Congress 2024) in Abu Dhabi.

The congress focused on adapting to a changing investment landscape and harnessing the potential for global economic development.

It was held under the auspices of the UAE Minister of Commerce, Tani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, with whom the Cypriot minister met during a private appointment.

Moreover, within the framework of the AIM Congress 2024, the Cypriot delegation, under the Deputy Minister’s auspices, held meetings and networking contacts with leading figures in the tourism and investment sectors.

The ministry described the meeting with the head of the International Investors Council of the UAE and officials of the investment department of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UN Tourism) as “extremely important”.

In his statement, Koumis said that “it is important that yet another highly interesting market for our country remains steadily on an upward trajectory.”

“Last year saw a 14 per cent rise in arrivals from the UAE, and we are pleased to see the possibility of a significant increase again this year,” he added.

In addition, the minister noted that during the meetings primarily focused on the prospects of the coming years, starting from 2025.

“Both Middle Eastern and Asian countries undoubtedly deserve more attention,” Koumis said.

“We have discussed the possibility of new promotional actions, which are now firmly on the path to implementation,” he added.

Regarding the Indian market, Koumis said that there is interest for the near future, but much depends on the evolving plans within the companies that have shown interest in Cyprus.

“On our part,” he said, “the only certainty is that we are proceeding with a plan to strengthen demand from this specific country, with a clear focus on some special forms of tourism“.

Regarding the investment sector, the Deputy Minister of Tourism said that significant contacts were made during the Annual Investment Meeting, confirming essentially that strategic partnerships can be formed with the UAE in the field of investments.

“I consider the meeting with the country’s International Investors Council to be extremely important, as well as the fact that the foundations for the start of a good cooperation have been laid,” he concluded.