Turkish Cypriot doctors on Saturday warned of unlicenced individuals performing hair transplants in the north.

According to the Cyprus Turkish medical association (KTTB), police on Friday carried out a raid on an illegal hair transplant clinic and people were found to be working without authorisation. They added that legal action has been taken against those individuals.

They added that those working at the clinic and their patients were all third country nationals, and that none of them had secured work permits in the north.

In addition, they said one person posing as a doctor had escaped from the police raid and is currently on the loose. They added that the individual is not a member of the KTTB and is not authorised to practice medicine in the north.

They said that police working at the crossing points had been informed of the situation in case the individual attempts to escape to the Republic.

They went on to emphasise that “it is not legal for physicians who are not members of the KTTB to practice medicine in the TRNC” and called on the north’s ‘health ministry’ to carry out more “effective and adequate” inspections on medical premises.