UNSG personal envoy, Maria Angela Holguin will hold a second meeting on Monday with President Nikos Christodoulides at the presidential palace.

Monday’s meeting will be held at 1030.

In her statements during last week’s meeting, Holguin said it is the responsibility of both leaders to listen to what people want as regards moving forward.

She noted that they had “a very constructive meeting” and that her impression, after meeting with civil society groups and the private sector, was that “everybody wants to move forward” and for something to happen in the island.

Government Spokesperson Konstantinos Letymbiotis, in his own statements after the previous meeting the President had with Holguin, expressed the government’s hope that the resumption of negotiations would be possible “in the immediate future”.

Asked if the personal envoy briefed the President about Turkey’s reaction, the spokesperson said that the results of her contacts had been discussed. “What matters right now is to let diplomacy do its job”, he said.