Bearing placards expressing support to Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides, hundreds of people protested outside the legal service on Sunday.

They then marched to the presidential palace, where they called on the attorney general (AG) to resign, and stop proceedings aimed at suspending Michaelides.

“Come outside Christodoulides”, they yelled, calling on President Nikos Christodoulides to talk to them.

The protest called ‘hands off the auditor general’ was organised as a result of the AG’s move to file a request to the Supreme Constitutional Court, seeking to remove Michaelides from his post.

AG George Savvides has cited ‘inappropriate behaviour’ as the reason.


Protestors gathered at 4pm calling for transparency and sound management of public funds.

“Hands off Odysseas” they chanted, as well as an “no to gagging the truth.”

Outside the presidential palace, a speech was read out expressing support to Michaelides and his work.

“We call on the legal service to withdraw the suspension request [against Michaelides] immediately.”

Green Party leader Giorgos Perdikis and former MP Anna Theologou also attended the protest.