The Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) on Monday has reminded its beneficiaries that they can receive SMS notifications on their mobiles of  the result of their visits to specialist doctors.

“Beneficiaries can now receive SMS notifications on their mobile phones regarding the healthcare services they’ve received during their visits to specialist doctors,” the HIO said in an announcement.

“The messages are sent exclusively to beneficiaries who have an active access account to the Gesy Beneficiary Portal and have linked their beneficiary file.”

The service has been active since April 26, the HIO added.

Beneficiaries who had not linked their beneficiary file by April 26, are advised to create an access account on the Gesy Beneficiary Portal by visiting the website

“Once linked to their phone number, beneficiaries need to activate the SMS notifications by navigating to the ‘Communication Preferences’.”

The HIO also urged people to contact their personal doctor to verify the mobile phone number registered in their beneficiary file before activating the SMS notifications on their behalf.

For further information or assistance, people can contact the free Gesy helpline at 17000.