A tree planted in the British town of Great Yarmouth for “peace and reunification” in Cyprus was reportedly vandalised.

The tree was one of a number to be planted on England’s east coast as part of the scheme, with the others being planted in the towns of Caister-on-Sea and Cromer.

According to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), the tree is believed to have been vandalised between May 10 and May 13.

The local police, known as the Norfolk Constabulary, have appealed for information from anyone who knows anything about the case.

National Federation of Cypriots in the UK chairman Christos Karaolis thanked the police, while also expressing “deep shock and disappointment” on the part of the local Cypriot community.

“It is even more disturbing that this tree was planted as a symbol of peace and reunification in Cyprus, which has endured 50 long years of Turkish occupation,” he added.

The trees had been planted earlier this month, with the plantings having been coordinated by the Eptakomi Association, a Cypriot diaspora association named after the Karpasia village, which has a large number of members living in Norfolk, the county in which all three towns are located.

The Cyprus Mail made repeated attempts to contact Great Yarmouth mayor Penny Carpenter, and contacted Great Yarmouth MP Sir Brandon Lewis for comment.