Motorsport athletes demonstrated on Tuesday outside the Cyprus Sports Organisation (CSO) over disinterest by the latter and the state to find solutions to the issues they face.

Announcing the move a few days ago, athletes said that they have been suffering for years under the pressure of a “private company” under the guise of belonging to the FIA (Federation de l’ Automobile).

The company, they claimed, has been blackmailing and punishing Cypriot athletes for participating in “illegal and unauthorised races” which are no different from the fully legal and sanctioned ones organised by the Cyprus Automobile Federation and sanctioned by CSO.

“This company, showing complete disrespect to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Cyprus and despite its recent deletion from the sporting register of the Cyprus Sports Organisation, continues to organise local races without any sporting recognition by the CSO, dividing Cypriot athletes,” they said.

The demonstration started at 10.30am on Tuesday.