Seven curated walks around the city of Limassol constitute the essence of an upcoming open-to-the-public collaborative event titled Out There Together, to be held between June14 and 16 in Limassol, organised by Lemesos 2030.

At times focusing on the sociohistorical aspect of the routes, at times showcasing the multicultural character of the city and its communities, and sometimes taking the form of an architectural walk, Out There Together invites the audience to walk around Limassol, discover its invisible and visible facets, connect with it and, ultimately, create new narratives along the way.

Following an entirely participatory approach, the routes of these seven thematic walks have been mapped out by 15 participants-designers, all active citizens based in Limassol. The latter have been taking part in a series of hands-on workshops during the past few months, under the guidance of Elena Agathokleous, collaborator of Lemesos 2030, also credited for the idea and curation of this event.

Encouraging the cycling culture, (re)claiming the public space, discovering the Amathus archaeological site through a sensory approach, exploring the modern architecture of Limassol’s western neighbourhoods and showcasing the sensual character of the city are some of the themes and issues tackled by this initiative.

As stated by the initiator of this event Agathokleous, the objective of Out There Together is: “to go out and walk together, meet and connect with the city and, at the same time, to claim the public space. Our motto being ‘meet, connect, imagine’, our vision is to create new narratives about Limassol and to unveil some of its not-so-prominent facets. At the same time, this is an excellent opportunity to create new experiences along the way”.

Under the artistic direction of Eleana Alexandrou at the helm of Lemesos 2030, Out There Together will eventually implement the results of the participatory methods exercised by Lemesos 2030 since its beginnings. This three-day event presents itself as an opportunity to put into practice citizens’ ideas, stances and views expressed during the previous months.

Out There Together

Seven thematic walks around Limassol. June 14-16. Limassol. For more information and the event’s programme coming soon at