A man appeared in court in northern Nicosia on Wednesday, accused of stabbing a nightclub bouncer in the chest.

Police officer Emrah Turgul explained in court that the stabbing took place at around 3am on May 11 at the Berlin Bar in northern Nicosia’s old town.

He said the man had pulled out a knife with a six-centimetre blade, stabbing the bouncer in the chest.

The man then reportedly swung for another security guard, slashing him across his left shoulder.

Both victims were taken to hospital and subsequently discharged. Police took the knife as evidence.

In addition, the man will be examined at the Baris mental and neurological diseases hospital to determine whether he is of sound enough mind to face a trial.

Judge Zehra Yalkut Bilgec ordered that he remain in custody for a period not exceeding three months pending a trial.