The G3 military rifle included in the recovered weapons and explosives found in an Oroklini cemetary did not originate from the national guard, media reported on Wednesday.

Instead, it is likely that the military rifle in question came from the Turkish army.

The German manufacturer Heckler & Koch had licensed other countries, including Turkey, to manufacture the G3 rifle. The one found in the grave matches the specifications of rifles as the rifles produced in Turkey and used by the Turkish army, Philenews reported. Meanwhile, Sigmalive noted that most of the weapons found were brought to the government-controlled areas from the north.

Both news websites cited sources suggesting the national guard told police the G3 did not originate from their arsenal.

Among the recovered military-grade firearms were a rocket launcher with three projectiles, several cartridges and a pistol with a silencer. Improvised explosive devices, one of which was connected to a mobile phone and ready to use were also recovered.

The bust, which police described as possibly the largest number of weapons and explosives found to date in Cyprus, occurred on Monday when officers of the drug squad Ykan found guns and explosives at the cemetery, some being buried in a grave.

On Tuesday, police said that they had received a tip that the weapons were due to be moved.

The same day, two men, aged 46 and 35, were remanded in connection with the case. Both of them were seen taking items from the grave where the weapons were stored.

The oldest was seen entering the cemetery and taking a bag from a grave. Officers stopped him and checked the bag, which contained a shotgun, 500 rounds of ammunition in 10 packs of 50 and a pistol.

Police spokesman Christos Andreou said that all possibilities are being examined regarding the origin and purposes for which the arms were intended.