For 49 years, the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society, has been organising the ‘Christodoula March’, the largest cancer awareness campaign in Cyprus.

The march is named after a cancer patient, a woman named Christodoula, who became an emblematic figure. Weakened by cancer, she passed away beneath an orange tree in the refugee camp in the village of Sotira, where she was relocated after the invasion.

Christodoula was a patient of Dr Demetris Souliotis, the founder of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society. Recognising the necessity for a facility where cancer patients could receive care and comfort, Dr Souliotis inspired numerous individuals to join forces and fundraise for the establishment of the ‘Arodafnousa’ Palliative Care Centre in Nicosia.

Since then, the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society has expanded and enriched its services for cancer patients across Cyprus. The Society is dedicated to supporting cancer patients and their families by offering them free Supportive and Palliative Care Services, thereby enhancing their quality of life. Its services encompass inpatient care at the ‘Arodafnousa’ Palliative Care Centre in Nicosia, day care at the ‘Evagorio’ Palliative Care Centre in Limassol, 24-hour homecare nursing services throughout Cyprus, psychological and social support for patients and families, physiotherapy, aromatherapy, and patient transfer services to all oncology centers in Nicosia and Limassol.

The Christodoula March has evolved into an event symbolising social solidarity and moral encouragement. It serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing battle against cancer, encompassing prevention, diagnosis, and treatment efforts. This annual event stands as the primary funding source for the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society. For the past 26 years, the Christodoula March has been organised in partnership with the Bank of Cyprus, a longstanding ally of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society.

April is dedicated to all activities related to the ‘Christodoula March’. Symbolic marches are held simultaneously in every city, with participants donning yellow t-shirts, fostering a sense of community and solidarity among all those involved.

Moreover, in numerous other locations and villages across Cyprus, people unite to support the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society. The Society extends deep gratitude to all participants, as a diverse array of events are organized by various groups, including cycling teams, runners, classic car enthusiasts, municipalities, community councils, organised groups, the British Bases, churches and schools, from Paphos to Rizokarpaso. This highlights the profound impact of Christodoula’s March in raising awareness about cancer-related issues throughout Cyprus.

Dr Adamos Adamou, President of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society, conveyed heartfelt appreciation to the Cypriot community for its steadfast support. He underscored the Society’s ongoing efforts to broaden and improve its services, with the goal of delivering holistic care to cancer patients and their families, thereby enriching their lives. “With the support of all, we are able to extend access to high-quality palliative care services to an increasing number of patients, ensuring they receive care whenever and wherever it is needed,” Dr Adamou emphasised.

For further details regarding the services offered by the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society, please contact 77771080 or visit their website at: