A 29-year-old man appeared before the Paphos criminal court on Thursday, where he admitted to charges of importing and possession with intent to supply of 28 kilograms of cannabis, as well as money laundering from illegal activities.

The 29-year-old was arrested on January 31 at Paphos airport. Upon his arrivals at customs, police scanned his bags and found several packages containing the drugs. He was immediately arrested.

The state lab confirmed that the seized packages contained 28 kilograms of cannabis. Then man has been in custody since then.

During the hearing, the welfare office requested a postponement of the proceeding in order to prepare a report on his personal circumstances.

The case will resume on June 20, when the 29-year-old lawyer Kyriakos Peratikos will make a plea for mitigation. Until then, the court has ordered that the man remains in custody.