One in three people in Cyprus are hypertensive, Cyprus’ cardiology and pathology societies announced on Friday.

Launching a high blood pressure awareness campaign in light of World Hypertension Day, it seeks to send out the message: ‘Accurately measure your blood pressure, regulate it, live longer’.

It aims to inform the public about the risk factors, prevention, diagnosis and proper treatment of high blood pressure.

According to the data presented in the announcement, worldwide 25 per cent of the adult population suffer from hypertension, which is associated with sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, unhealthy diet, obesity, stress and smoking.

In Cyprus, the corresponding rate is 29.5 per cent meaning one in three citizens is hypertensive.

The cardiology and pathology societies raised the alarm that in for people in their 60’s, two out of three Cypriots have high blood pressure.

Head of the cardiology society Dr. Hera Irakleous said one-third of the adult population in Cyprus suffers from hypertension and about 30 per cent of hypertensives are undiagnosed.

Less than one-third of hypertensives have managed to regulate their issue with medication.

Irakleous added that hypertension is the most common chronic disease and one of the most important contributors to mortality, morbidity and poor quality of life.

She called it the ‘silent killer’ and urged people to seek out professional help and measure their pressure properly.