More and more Cypriots are turning to package holidays, following the worldwide trend set for an 11 per cent comeback for the industry in 2024, according to claims made on Monday.

President of the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA) Akis Kelepeshis cited upgraded travel agent technology and the convenience of someone else being responsible for the logistics as the main two reasons fuelling the rise.

He told Sigmalive that the Covid lockdowns promoted purchasing traffic in all sectors towards the web, including travel.

Referring to the explosive geopolitical scene, Kelepeshis said it wasn’t the first time the tourist industry had to navigate such waters and assured it was resilient in crises.

Cruises, he said, always took the hardest blow, as ports of call included the Middle East and Turkey.

Cyprus remains a safe destination, which is why airport traffic has not seen a drop.

ACTA has been around for 70 years and has seen a shift from longer to shorter holidays, but more often annually, he added.

Greece remains the number one preferred destination for Cypriots.