The exhibition My Way by Nicola Michael, hosted at the 10.10 Hall Art House in Nicosia from Wednesday to Friday offers a deep dive into her inner world, where art springs from spirituality, meditation and love for herself and others.

Born and raised in London to Cypriot parents, Nicola returned to Cyprus at the age of 17. Her artistic journey began at a young age and has continued ever since. In 2016, an accident that immobilised her for a long period acted as a catalyst for her outlook on life and her future. It was during this time that she began creating her first mandalas: the Sanskrit symbol representing the ‘sacred circle’, which symbolises the universe, unity and wholeness. A few years later, the death of her mother inspired her to paint a piece filled with the love she felt. “I saw death as a painless return home, something beautiful,” she recalls.

Nicola says that she doesn’t paint for the public but for herself. She views art as the conscious creation of a moment, a continuous discovery where one piece organically leads to the next. Her inspiration always comes from a spiritual perspective and meditation, often channelling her love for friends and family into her work, without ever revealing this to them. “There is no reason to disclose exactly who inspired a piece because I don’t paint for others – I do it for myself. If I painted for others, I would completely lose myself, and it would no longer be an organic, authentic process,” she explains.

Love plays a central role in Nicola’s work. She believes that self-empowerment stems from self-love, and only then can we love others authentically. “Love is always the answer,” she says, “my only wish is that whoever owns one of my pieces feels some kind of love in some way.”

Her works feature mandalas, hearts, human forms, abstract patterns, textures, elements of fantasy and vibrant colours. She experiments with various techniques and materials such as canvas, paper, wood, acrylics, oils, pastel chalks, charcoal, plaster textures, spray paint, ink and mixed media. The My Way exhibition is an invitation to enter the colourful world of Nicola Michael, where art becomes a continuous quest for love for oneself and others.

My Way

Exhibition by Nicola Michael. May 29-31. 10.10 Hall Art House, Nicosia. 6.30pm. Tel: 99-666460