Invest Cyprus, the state agency dedicated to promoting Cyprus as an international investment destination, on Tuesday announced that it took part in the prestigious technology event Viva Technology held in Paris from May 22 to 25, allowing it to showcase the island’s credentials as a technology and business centre.

Viva Technology is a leading event in the technology sector, attracting high-level international participants, including government officials, senior executives from businesses, and international organisations.

“Invest Cyprus’ presence at Viva Technology underscores its active role in promoting Cyprus as a significant technological hub in the broader Southern Europe region,” the agency said.

“The strategic priority of Invest Cyprus focuses on developing a robust high-tech ecosystem in Cyprus,” it added.

Moreover, the agency explained that it acknowledges the potential of the technology and digital services sectors as key drivers for diversifying Cyprus’ development model.

Consequently, the agency continued, “Invest Cyprus is working to strengthen the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector through several initiatives.

Firstly, Invest Cyprus continues to promote the creation of an integrated high-tech ecosystem based on attracting international technological talent, collaborating with Cypriot universities and various stakeholders, and sourcing capital from diversified financial sources.

Secondly, the agency noted that investing in human capital is a crucial goal for Invest Cyprus, focusing on attracting and retaining talent in the technology sector.

“Cyprus has already emerged as an established and growing technological hub within the European Union, offering an attractive location for business activities. It provides easy access to a market of 500 million consumers and is situated in close proximity to the Middle East and North Africa region,” the agency said.

It also said that “already, many leading international technology companies have chosen Cyprus for establishing their headquarters, regional offices, software development centres, as well as for expanding their operations or founding innovative startups”.

“Participating in Viva Technology”, the agency continued, “Invest Cyprus had the opportunity to highlight Cyprus’ advantages as a technological centre, aiming to attract significant investors and businesses in the technology sector”.

“The organisation’s presence at this premier technology event contributes to enhancing Cyprus’ international recognition as an appealing destination for innovative businesses and high-tech investments,” Invest Cyprus concluded.