The north’s ‘transport minister’ Erhan Arikli on Tuesday called for the north’s ‘parliament’ to pass a resolution calling for a two-state solution to the Cyprus problem.

He spoke of how “steps should be taken to protect and promote the existence of the TRNC”, and of the “wars fought for this purpose”.

He added that it would be a “strong step to take on the 50th anniversary of the peace operation” and said he would consult with the ‘government’ for such a vote to take place.

It is likely that given the current composition of the north’s ‘parliament’, such a law would pass, but such a resolution would not be binding on any Turkish Cypriot leader.

At present, three parties in the north’s ‘parliament’ support a two-state solution to the Cyprus problem; the UBP, which holds 24 of ‘parliament’s’ 50 seats, the DP, which holds three seats, and Arikli’s party the YDP, which holds two seats.

Additionally, such a resolution would also contradict the north’s ‘declaration of independence’, which was written in 1983.

The declaration said it “firmly adheres to the view” that a federal solution to the Cyprus problem is “possible and necessary”, and that “the declaration of the TRNC may facilitate rather than hinder” such a solution.