Dozens of decisions have been put on ice at state broadcaster CyBC, after director general Thanasis Tsokos’ has been missing in action for almost a month, it was reported on Wednesday.

Tsokos is also being sought by the interior ministry, who have been searching for him since mid-May, to hand him a letter about disciplinary action to be taken.

He had first been reported to be on a work trip at the beginning of May and since then has been on unapproved sick-leave, with daily Politis citing that he informed them he had Covid-19.

Meanwhile, as the ministry has been looking for him to deliver the letter to be able to begin the disciplinary proceedings, on Tuesday the head of the CyBC board Stavros Georgiades went to the ministry to attempt to explain Tsokos’ absence and why procedures have not moved forward.

According to the report, Tsokos faces ten allegations that deal with the operations of CyBC.

The allegations are about mismanagement of tenders, changes in companies and contracted partners which affect the budget of CyBC.

An appointed investigator into the allegations from the interior ministry will examine if there is corruption or waste of public funds and abuse of power.

With Tsokos not in the picture, many other activities at CyBC that require his signature to go ahead have remained on ice.