Wednesday will see locally increased clouds and intermittent light dust, expected to recede by the evening. In the afternoon isolated rains and a storm are possible in the mountains, the north, and some inland regions. Temperatures will rise to 30C in the interior, 27C on the coasts, and 21C in the higher mountains. Winds will initially be south-easterly to south-westerly, light, 3 Beaufort, gradually turning south-to north-westerly light to moderate, up to 4 Beaufort. The sea will be calm to slightly rough.

Overnight will be mainly clear with some increased low cloud, especially in coastal areas. Temperatures will drop to 16C in the interior, 18C on the coast, and 10C in the higher mountains. Winds will remain south- to north-westerly, light, 3 Beaufort, locally up to moderate, 4 Beaufort, and the sea will remain calm to slightly rough.

Thursday will start off mostly clear with a chance of afternoon rains in the mountains and the interior. Friday and Saturday are forecast to be sunny with temperatures starting to rise to above average ushering in a hot weekend.