Two drivers were stopped by police Monday night for driving at up to 22 times the legal limit, it emerged on Tuesday.

Police pulled over a 64-year-old driver in Paphos during an ongoing campaign against drink driving who was 22 times over the alcohol limit.

His initial alcohol test was 200µg, 22 times greater than the permitted limit of 9µg for drivers with recent license suspensions. The 64-year-old was charged in writing and will be taken to court at a later date.

Earlier, a 33-year-old learner driver was arrested after he hit a cyclist. He was ten times the drink-driving limit.

The learner driver collided with a 42-year-old cyclist at around 8pm at the junction of Christodoulos Sozos and Ayios Andreas streets in Limassol.

The driver was given an alcotest, which recorded 96µg, ten times greater than the permitted limit of 9µg for learner drivers.

The cyclist sustained minimal injuries. He was taken to a private clinic, where he received first aid and was discharged.

The same night, police identified four other individuals behind the wheel under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

Driving under the influence has been the leading cause of fatal road collisions in Cyprus in the past four years, police said in a statement on Tuesday. Both substances impair a driver’s concentration and reaction time, increasing the risk of accidents.