Cyprus should have a nationwide strategy over tall buildings and their environmental impact, the Green Party said on Wednesday in a presentation aimed at fighting against the climate crisis.

In a press conference on Ledra street in Nicosia, party leader Giorgos Perdikis shared 20 proposals he said were key to tackling the environmental crisis.

The proposals include ensuring local authorities have a stronger say in local development plans, and ensure illegal garbage dumps are identified and dealt with.

Perdikis underlined that recycling should take place at source, and spots used illegally as garbage dumping grounds be restored to their original environment.

Additionally, any town planning or building permits should mandate a permit from the forestry department that will allow them to cut down trees.

To this end, green sites across the country should be better protected, and a collection system for prunings and composting should be shaped up, he said.

Perdikis added household composting of biodegradable urban waste should also be promoted.

He called for a revision of “urban plans that threaten the natural environment and green areas with destruction such as motorways.”

The party leader also called for an end “discretionary powers” in solid waste management.

Concluding, Perdikis said the proposals lead to green transition.

“Climate change is here. We have a duty to local authority to take action for the environment.”

Members of the party then shared small plants to members of the public walking around Ledra street and Eleftheria square.