Eurobank’s esteemed business accelerator, enter grow go (egg), has recently been distinguished as the Best Performing New EBAN Member for 2024.

This prestigious award was presented during a special event at the annual European Business Angel Network (EBAN) Congress held from May 20 to 22, in Tallinn, Estonia.

The recognition highlights egg’s significant role and its dynamic presence in the European startup ecosystem.

Over the past 13 years, egg has established itself as a cornerstone of innovation, ranking 48th among 220 candidates. As the largest business accelerator in Greece and the second largest in Southeastern Europe, egg has been instrumental in fostering Greek startup entrepreneurship.

By implementing various initiatives aimed at developing and strengthening its investor network, egg has significantly accelerated capital absorption for startups and expanded Greece’s innovation landscape.

During this year’s congress, egg further showcased its commitment to fostering entrepreneurship through one of its startups, Bitloops.

Bitloops, among 17 startups from across Europe, pitched their business model and discussed their investment needs with a diverse group of angel investors, venture capital funds, entrepreneurs, and policymakers.

This platform provided by the EBAN Congress highlights the pivotal role such gatherings play in nurturing and promoting startup growth across the continent.

The award was received by Roula Bachtalia, the Director and member of the egg Steering Committee, who emphasised the shared vision with EBAN. “We share the same vision with EBAN and that is to expand the European innovation ecosystem. At Eurobank and egg, our goal is to continuously increase our network of partners and offer new funding channels for start-up entrepreneurship through a series of actions such as our participation in international initiatives and the implementation of investment workshops and meetings like the egg Investor Day and egg Investor meet-up at the egg Hub”, she said.

Adding to the accolades, EBAN’s Director General, Jacopo Losso, commended egg’s active engagement and commitment.

He said that “Since joining EBAN, egg has shown remarkable dedication and dynamism. The support of the EBAN Congress in Thessaloniki in 2023, the hosting of an international start-up investor day in Athens and the active participation of egg executives in multiple events exemplify their commitment to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship”.

“Egg’s belief in cross-border cooperation, particularly in the CEE region, further consolidates its role as a key player in our ecosystem,” he added.

To date, egg has supported more than 1,500 young entrepreneurs and researchers, aided 400 entrepreneurial and research teams, and facilitated the creation of 200 legal startup entities housed at the egg Hub.

The start-ups have attracted €45.8 million in capital from Greek and foreign investors, with Eurobank itself contributing €3.3 million in funding to 51 startups, reflecting a total investment exceeding €12 million for the operation of egg. These startups have generated a collective revenue of €48 million, marking a significant impact on the European startup landscape.

As the event concluded, the impact of EBAN as a pan-European representative for the early-stage investor community was palpable.

Uniting over 100 member organisations from more than 50 countries, EBAN plays a vital role in financing SMEs, investing an estimated €11.4 billion annually.