The transport ministry on Friday reported a rise in passenger traffic at Larnaca and Paphos airports for May 2024.

The total number of passengers that transited at both airports reached 1,140,659, marking a 4.26 per cent increase compared to May 2023.

At Larnaca airport, passenger traffic saw a 4.3 per cent increase over the previous year. In contrast, Paphos airport maintained its passenger numbers at the same level as May 2023.

Aircraft movements at both airports totalled 8,631 flights for the month, remaining consistent with last year’s figures.

Meanwhile, hotels in Paphos are bracing for a 10 per cent decrease in bookings this summer, according to the president of the Paphos hoteliers’ association Evripides Loizides.

Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), Loizides mentioned this year’s lower number of flights from Israel, which contribute significantly to Cyprus’ tourism, as the main reason for the bleak prediction.

“Additionally, the British market, which appeared strong until February, has now been affected by economic factors and regional instability, leading to a reduction in bookings,” he said, adding that both safety concerns and economic conditions are influencing the current outlook.

Loizides, however, expressed hope for a swift resolution to the instability in neighbouring countries, acknowledging nevertheless that the upcoming summer months “are expected to be significantly worse than last year.”