Public hospital doctors will stage a 24-hour strike on June 20, threatening escalated measures on July 2 and 3 if they are not compensated in full for the hours they put in.

In a joint press release, the doctors’ sector of Pasydy and Pasyki unions said efforts to reach a solution ended in an impasse and blamed the state health service (Okypy).

“Deliberations unfortunately ended in a deadlock, with the exclusive responsibility lying with the employer’s side,” they said, referring to a meeting held on Friday.

The trade unions point out that the compensation was agreed on in an incentive pact.

They note that they “have decided to stage a 24-hour warning strike on June 20, 2024, in which all doctors of public hospitals will participate, with measures escalating further on July 2 and 3”.

The trade unions assured during the strike there would be skeleton staff.