The justice ministry and police are to examine a decision by the Cyprus Football Association to allow the return of away fans to stadiums in the new season before taking any moves of their own, the ministry said on Tuesday.

Potential risks will be the focus of the ministry’s deliberations, it said.

The ban on away fans, initially imposed on January 26, had a positive impact on preventing serious incidents, that were prevalent before the measure was implemented, the ministry said.

The CFA announced the ban in response to escalating violence in stadiums with the aim to facilitate police efforts in ensuring match security.

However, even after the measure was implemented, there were still several incidents of misconduct.

The CFA, as the organising authority of the championship, has every right to make this decision, the ministry continued.

But it added that both the ministry and the police have an obligation to ensure the physical safety of the fans, the protection of all kinds of third-party property, and generally the safe conduct of the matches within the framework of public order and security.

The ministry said it would “assess and consider this decision by the CFA in relation to any potential risks and will take our own actions, always with strict adherence to the current legislation, with the sole aim of ensuring the safety of genuine fans and the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus in general”.

A series of incidents of violence in football matches had led to the injury of a football player last year, and posed a threat to other players and individuals present on the field.

Following the CFA’s announcement of the fan ban, reports emerged of vandalism at the CFA building, with slogans spray-painted on the structure in response to the decision.