The official proclamation took place on Tuesday for the six newly elected MEPs for a term of five years.

The six MEP are distributed as follows: two seats to Disy, and one seat each to Akel, independent candidate Fidias Panayiotou, Elam, and Diko.

Aside from Panayiotou, the five party-backed MEPs are Loukas Fourlas (Disy), Michalis Hadjipantela (Disy), George Georgiou (Akel), Geadis Geadi (Elam) and Costas Mavrides (Diko).

Chief returning officer, Elikkos Elias, officiated at the ceremony announcing the candidates at the “Filoxenia” Conference Centre in Nicosia at 8.30am.

Speaking after his instatement, Akel MEP Georgos Georgiou said his top priorities were the Cyprus issue in the context of Euro-Turkish relations, environmental and human rights, divestments and immigration and dealing with the “scourge of the extreme right, which has taken hold of Europe”.

Although the single seat election result was not satisfying for his party, Georgiou said, “the people have spoken [and] the result is respected.”

Disy MEP and former health minister, Michalis Hadjipantela taking the stand, said he felt vindicated by the election result. Hard work was now needed to solve the problems plaguing the country, he said.

He noted he would seek to join the EU budget committee, the health committee and the committee related to the Cyprus issue.

“We cannot ignore the fact that we are refugees. I am from Famagusta. It is important for us who are sufferers to convey our experiences to other colleagues,” he said.

Annita Demetriou with Michalis Hadjipantela and Loukas Fourlas

Harmonisation of justice in Cyprus with EU jurisprudence, abusive bank clauses and workers’ rights, as well as pushing for an EU organisation to be headquartered in Cyprus are his goals, re-elected Diko MEP Costas Mavrides said in his statements.

Commenting on the nature of the elections, he said, “I hope the messages have been received, even though I have doubts.”

In reference to a comment that 73,000 voters had chosen to elect YouTuber Panayiotou, who has been described by pundits as “a kid who has no political views or positions”, he said what mattered is that those voters, mainly young people, displayed any interest in politics.

Mavrides also told reporters he would pursue a leadership role in the European parliament, and said that for the first time, he, a Cypriot MEP, had been elected president of the political committee for the Mediterranean, in which Turkey also participates.

“I [therefore] feel that the time has come to claim a position, a step up, as vice-president,” he said.

president and House speaker Annita Demetriou in her address, said that a difficult pre-election campaign had come to an end, and echoed Hadjipantela’s sentiments.

“For us at Disy, the most European, responsible force, [an] even greater responsibility [is asked for] to respond to all that we are called to manage,” she said, adding that her party is sending “two accomplished colleagues, Louka Fourlas and Michalis Hatjipantela”, who would certainly offer their best.

She wished all MEPs success, stressing that first and foremost is “our Cyprus, the good of our country, and of course Europe”.

Akel general secretary, Stephanos Stephanou, congratulated the election service and all who worked on the unprecedented dual electoral process, for its smooth conduct.

His party’s newly elected MEP, Georgiou, he said, has valuable experience of the EU parliament and would promote the Cyprus issue as well as what is best for European states and peoples.

“We need to do a lot […] to [see] the dawning of better days,” he said.

Fidias with his parents

Independent MEP and influencer Fidias Panayiotou in his turn expressed joy and satisfaction over his election, adding that a lot has been said so far and from now on he will start speaking with actions.

The leader of Elam, Christos Christou, for his part, wished his party’s Geadis Geadi success in his new duties.

He thanked the more than 40,000 people “who gave us the strength to send a new MEP” stressing that upon joining the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) party, Elam will act with “everything possible to defend the interests of the Republic of Cyprus.”

President of Diko, Nikolas Papadopoulos, in his statements, also thanked voters who “despite the difficulties and complexity” of the elections, had upheld their and the party’s democratic values.

He also congratulated all the MEPs, noting that “from this moment on they are above all representatives of Cyprus in the European parliament and their primary duty is to [advocate] for our people and to represent the interests of our country.”

Congratulating re-elected MEP Costas Mavrides he said Diko would continue to participate in the second largest political group of the European parliament, the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D).

“The next period will be difficult for Europe, with many challenges related to inflation, high cost of living, [and] energy costs and [for Cyprus the] resolution of the Cyprus issue,” said Papadopoulos.

Earlier the chief returning officer, summarising the election’s final results, detailed that the distribution of candidates resulted in Disy securing two seats, one in the first distribution and in the second distribution. Akel also gained one seat in the first distribution, as did Fidias Panayiotou.

Elam and Diko took one seat each in the second distribution.

Voter turnout in Sunday’s European elections stood at 58.86 per cent.