SARA DOUEDARI is taken on an entrepreneurial journey of a different kind by a woman closing the gap between fashion and technology

Closing the gap between fashion and technology, Evangelina Fysa embodies the power of multicultural experiences and local inspiration. Raised by a mother in the fashion industry and a father in tech, she grew up among diverse cultures and business environments.

After starting her career in London, she has returned to Nicosia, where she is the founder of a digital communications agency, co-founder of a sustainable fashion brand and a public speaker.

“My career in the fashion world started as an intern at British Vogue and Dazed Media,” says Evangelina. At 17, while studying law, she launched a digital publication and assisted clients with marketing activities in London, unbeknown to her parents that she was doing this as a side hustle while still at university.

Evangelina Fysa

“Pretending to be my own manager, I secured access to prestigious events like London Fashion Week,” she adds. By the age of 20, she was already making waves, reviewing shows for iconic brands like Burberry and Erdem, and by 21, she was an accredited journalist reviewing runway shows.

In 2016, Evangelina returned to Cyprus at the age of 24, struck by the burgeoning startup ecosystem and the untapped potential within the local market. “The unique blend of opportunity and necessity ignited a renewed sense of purpose,” she says. And her international experiences became invaluable as she navigated the intricacies of the Cypriot market, identifying gaps and crafting solutions tailored to both local and global needs.

Her roles in various local companies were transformative, offering her firsthand insights into the challenges and opportunities within the business landscape. “These experiences deepened my understanding of customer preferences and operational nuances,” crucial elements that would later inform her strategic decisions.

Simultaneously, Evangelina’s co-management of the fashion brand Tallulah, alongside her mother, allowed her to apply these learnings in real time.

Witnessing the resilience and resourcefulness of the local community was profoundly inspiring. “Despite economic challenges, there was a palpable drive towards progress and development,” she says. This resilience was contagious, motivating Evangelina to contribute meaningfully to the local economy. Her ventures were not only geared towards profitability but also aimed to create a positive social impact.

One of the pivotal moments in Evangelina’s career was the initial launch of her own agency, Bungalow 28. Through in-depth market analysis, Evangelina identified a significant gap: the need for agencies that could seamlessly integrate technology with creativity in the fashion, luxury and cultural sectors. This realisation became the cornerstone of the revamped Bungalow 28, focusing on creating an independent agency that empowers imagination through cutting-edge experiences, merging innovation, craftsmanship and technology.

Evangelina’s approach has evolved significantly through her various projects. “My love for technology led me to study programming and blockchain technology, attend numerous seminars, and continuously learn,” she says. This commitment to staying ahead of technological trends has been fundamental in her ventures. Her agency developed key verticals including Tech, Media, and Culture.

As the fashion industry increasingly invests in technology, Evangelina remains steadfast in her belief in the combined power of innovation, craftsmanship, and technology. “We have embraced AI, experimenting with new tools to solve industry challenges, particularly in digital marketing and customer engagement”.

Evangelina’s entrepreneurial journey reflects a continuous evolution shaped by her global perspective, local inspiration, and a commitment to innovation. Beyond advancing her businesses, she engages as a public speaker to motivate young people, promoting a culture of resilience, innovation and positive social impact within the broader community.