Adding to the capital city’s artistic events is an exhibition that opens this week at Kastelliotissa Hall. Eutopia by artist Katina Kosta presents a series of artworks from Saturday to June 29, with an opening ceremony at 8pm.

Commenting on the theme of the exhibition, organisers say: “The installation Eutopia refers to the vision of a universal condition based on respect and solidarity. As a concept, eutopia differs from the ideal and unattainable notion of utopia, but it is connected with the achievable and desirable universal society.”

To create the pieces of the exhibition, the artist followed a ritual of improvisation, much like an act of catharsis with references to the mandala, the magic carpet, the prayer rug, the improvisation of Abstract Expressionism and the ecclesiastical space.

The artworks can function as a magic carpet for viewers as well. “They present a dream of eutopia, a paradoxically familiar and safe refuge for the viewer,” add organisers, “within which they will realise the allegory underlying the custom of kollyva. A common human experience that can contribute to the collective perception of the concept of the transcendental.”


Art exhibition by Katina Kosta. June 15-29. Kastelliotissa Hall, Nicosia. Opening night: 8pm. Tuesday-Friday: 4pm-8pm. Saturday: 10am-1pm and 4pm-8.30pm. Sunday: 4pm-8.30pm. Tel: 7008-8180