Two police officers were suspended on Saturday during an investigation into the police response time related to the murder of a 41-year-old woman in Paphos. The disciplinary investigation involves seven officers in total, following complaints that police did not promptly arrive at the scene after the woman, Petya Krateva, fought with her ex-husband.

Neighbours reported calling the police as soon as the fight broke out on Friday, but they were transferred between departments before reaching the correct officers, who eventually responded. Neighbours complained that the police arrived late and could have prevented the woman’s death.

Police spokesman Christos Andreou stated that a report by an officer looking into the police response indicated that further investigation was necessary. Consequently, an investigating officer has been appointed to conduct a disciplinary investigation into seven members of the police force.

Andreou added that the investigating officer would also determine whether appropriate actions were taken to search for and arrest the suspect in a timely manner, following an arrest warrant issued after a complaint by the victim regarding family violence offenses.

As part of the investigation, two police officers have been suspended to ensure its smooth conduct.

The investigation had been ordered by Justice Minister Marios Hartsiotis.

He said: “Rest assured that if the investigation proves that there was any negligence in any parts concerning the police, blame will be assigned.”

He reiterated the sensitivity of both the president and himself on this matter to ensure that accountability if and when there is any accountability to anyone is assigned.

Meanwhile, a 48-year-old man was remanded for eight days on Saturday as a suspect in the murder of his ex-wife in Tremithousa, Paphos, the day before. The man was arrested in the hospital on Friday after he and his ex-wife fought. The woman was reportedly stabbed to death and then pushed from the balcony during the altercation, while neighbours tried to alert the police.

The suspect was taken to the hospital with stomach injuries.

Petya Krateva, from Bulgaria, was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital. According to the police, a post-mortem examination was carried out around 10 am on Saturday. The findings revealed that Krateva died from internal bleeding caused by a sharp object.

The examination was conducted by state pathologist Nicholas Charalambous at Paphos General Hospital.

During the remand hearing, the 48-year-old suspect alleged that Krateva visited him on Friday morning to discuss their problems. He claimed that she asked for money to withdraw a complaint she had made against him on June 11, 2024, at the Office of the Family Violence Unit at the Paphos Police Station.

He refused, leading to a heated argument during which he claimed she attacked him first. He said he lost consciousness and did not know what happened next.

The investigation is ongoing, with over 40 statements expected to be taken from the family and friends of both the suspect and the victim. Surveillance footage from the area will also be reviewed, and scientific tests will be conducted.

On Friday, police received information about injured persons at an apartment complex in Paphos.

Officers arrived at the scene and found both Krateva and the 48-year-old man. They were taken by ambulance to Paphos General Hospital, where Krateva was pronounced dead.

She had injuries to her abdomen and hands, apparently caused by a sharp object. The suspect had stomach injuries and remains hospitalised for treatment.