I have been in Limassol for over 20 years, and have always enjoyed the clean beaches, just like the tourists.

Over the past week, I have been on an [organised] beach on five different days and, on each of those days, owners have brought their dogs, letting them run loose. Although dogs aren’t permitted, ensuring the sand remains clean and safe for adults and children alike, owners just don’t seem to care. When told, they simply ignore you or shrug their shoulders. Some of the signs telling owners about dogs on the beach are either not there anymore or have become hidden by trees.

I do understand that dogs like the beach, but in areas where tourism is obvious, with sunbeds and children playing, surely this should be enforced? Couldn’t we at least see more signs? I’m sure the last thing anyone wants is to see a news headline about a child or adult becoming ill because they were playing on an appropriate beach where dogs have been allowed to trespass by irresponsible owners.