A 48-year-old man who allegedly killed his 41-year-old estranged wife in Tremithousa, near Paphos, was transferred to the Athalassa psychiatric hospital on Monday after being discharged from the Paphos general, where he was under treatment.

The incident unfolded at around 10am on Friday  when the two allegedly began fighting and both attacked each other with knives.

In undetermined circumstances, the victim, Petya Krateva, was either thrown or fell from a height of three metres from the apartment balcony.

“The suspect was discharged from the hospital and was immediately taken for evaluation by a government psychiatrist, as is standard procedure in such cases,” Paphos police spokesperson Michalis Nicoalou told the Cyprus News Agency.

“He was subsequently referred to the Athalassa psychiatric hospital for compulsory hospitalisation.”

Nicolaou also added that the 48-year-old man is still being held under guard in an eight-day custody.

The investigation is now focussed on gathering testimonies from family and friends of the couple, as well physical evidence from the area where the crime was committed.

The spokesperson said that more than 40 statements are expected to be taken while CCTV footage and lab testing will also be carried out. As part of the examinations, mobile phone data of both the victim and the suspect will be investigated, he added.

It is recalled that during his arrest, the suspect claimed the victim had visited him at his home on Friday morning to talk about problems between them.

During their meeting, according to the suspect’s claims, the 41-year-old requested money in order to withdraw a domestic violence complaint she had previously filed against him on June 11, at the Paphos police department.

The man refused and a heated argument ensued, as reported by the 48-year-old, who alleged that he was attacked first by the woman. After that, he reported, he lost consciousness and does not know what happened.

The 48-year-old’s defence lawyer did not object to the eight-day detention request.

In the meantime, Justice Minister Marios Hartsiotis ordered an investigation into the femicide to establish whether there was police delay in response to the incident which happened in broad daylight alarming neighbours who said they had tried repeatedly to get in touch with authorities.

Alphanews shared a screenshot of an individual who had called police four times to no avail. “After it was all over, they got here,” the person said.

Hartsiotis offered his assurance that if the investigation proves that there was negligence on the part of the police, those responsible will be held to account.

In the meantime, two officers have been placed on suspension in the context of a disciplinary investigation which covers a total of seven police members.

According to police spokesman Christos Andreou the preliminary report of the investigating officer appointed on Friday indicated further investigation was in order.

An investigating officer has therefore been appointed to conduct a disciplinary inquiry into seven police staff.

An autopsy revealed the 41-year-old woman’s death was caused by internal bleeding from a stab wound and the piercing of an organ.

The victim had two minor children aged two and 12. They have been taken into care.