The government on Monday unveiled its new “accountability website”, which lists and explains government policy and decisions.

The new website,, was unveiled by undersecretary to the president Irene Piki, who said it will allow people to be informed “directly and centrally” about political decisions and other measures taken by the government, and other initiatives.

She said an important part of the new website is that it presents statistics and information related to initiatives taken by the government between 2023 and 2028.

“This, therefore, allows all residents to receive immediate and more complete information, in a user-friendly manner,” she said.

In addition, she said, there is information regarding the Anastasiades government’s “Exantas” system for monitoring government work.

She went on to say that the website will centrally publish all announcements made by the government, including after cabinet meetings, and those related to grant schemes and “other important decisions which are a part of government work”.

She also pointed out a digital presentation of the government’s work so far, which has been published on the website, and which charts the various actions undertaken by the Christodoulides government since it took office last year.

The website is available only in Greek.

She added that the website is not yet interactive, but said it is “connected” to the “Citizen Voice” platform, and to the “Ekfracy” platform, which will be unveiled at a later date.