Wednesday will be mostly clear with a yellow weather warning in place from 11am until 5pm. Temperatures will rise to 40C inland, 34C on the south and east coast, 32C on the west and north coast, and 30C in the higher mountains. Higher humidity than usual prevails.

Overnight will remain mostly clear with low cloud, light mist or fog expected in the southeast, in the early hours. Temperatures will drop to 24C in the interior and the coasts, and 21C in the higher mountains. Winds will be mainly north-westerly to north-easterly, weak, 3 Beaufort, and the sea will be calm to slightly rough.

On Thursday temperatures are set to rise, while on Friday they will start to drop with Saturday’s forecast being several degrees below 40C. Increased clouds are also expected on Saturday, likely to bring isolated rains or storms in the mountains and the interior.