A 30-year-old driver was arrested for trying to bribe a police officer to get out of an alcotest early on Saturday morning.

Police said they were notified at around 1:30am there was a dangerous driver in Limassol, amid concerns he may have been drunk.

The luxury car was spotted 10 minutes later and the driver seemed as if he was under the influence of alcohol.

After he was informed he would be subject to an alcotest, the 30-year-old pulled out his wallet and offered €400 in cash to avoid taking the test and be allowed to go. When his offer was refused, he pulled out further wads of cash.

Officers arrested him on the spot for trying to bribe a public official. He was detained and subjected to an alcotest which he failed to do properly.

He is expected to appear before Limassol district court for a remand order.