Thirteen aircraft worked to extinguish a blaze near Anogyra in Limassol, fire services spokesman Andreas Kettis said on Monday.

Kettis said that the fire broke out in wild brush in the area, and four vehicles were also working to extinguish the blaze.

He added that there are more vehicles on the way from the Game Fund, Civil Service, and Forestry Department.

Due to the winds in the area, excavators were called in along with trucks from the British bases as well.

The fire was eventually partially extinguished by the afternoon, but Kettis said that trucks and aircraft would remain in the area as the chances of flare-ups remained high.

An hour later, the fire began to flare-up again, with Kettis saying that there is a regrouping of forces to deal with the flare-up, he describe as serious.

Another fire also broke out shortly after the Anogyra blaze in Trimiklini, which the Forestry Department was dealing with. Kettis said that they sent trucks to the area.

The forestry department had taken on the command of dealing with the blaze in Trimiklini.