Pushing the boundaries, an ongoing exhibition in Limassol brings some stunning works to Cypriot viewers says SARA DOUEDARI

In a landmark event for the Cypriot art scene, 125 Space in Limassol has teamed up with Maddox Gallery to present Beyond Boundaries: A Journey into Contemporary Art, an extraordinary exhibition that promises to present artistic expression in innovative ways featuring a distinguished lineup of world-famous artists.

The exhibition invites visitors to dive into the world of contemporary art, and offers also a unique opportunity for art collectors to discover and engage with groundbreaking contemporary works.

“The partnership between Maddox Gallery and Space 125 is built on shared values,” says Co-Founder of Maddox Gallery Mario Zonias. “Both brands are synonymous with luxury and innovation and to creating exceptional experiences for their clients, in spaces that are welcoming and accessible for all.”

The collaboration sees a great selection of artworks brought to Limassol, encompassing a diverse array of mediums and styles. This carefully curated collection brings together a bold mix of renowned artists and emerging talents.

125 Space along with Maddox Gallery Present Beyond Boundaries

Zonias highlights the significance of this inclusive approach: “Group shows are hugely important to Maddox and we’re best-in-class for how emerging, established, and blue-chip artwork should be showcased together for maximum impact. This is perfectly demonstrated at our Berkeley Street gallery in Mayfair, London.”

Andy Warhol

Visitors to the Limassol exhibition can expect to see works by iconic artists such as Damien Hirst, Yayoi Kusama and Andy Warhol, alongside pieces by exciting contemporary artists like Will Martyr, Brent Estabrook and The Connor Brothers. Each artist has been chosen for their ability to push the boundaries of traditional art forms, creating a dynamic and thought-provoking display. “From one of the greatest provocative artists of the 20th century, Damien Hirst, to the next generation of young artists like Brent Estabrook, Maddox has established a reputation as a disruptive platform for some of the most exciting contemporary artists,” says Zonias.

One of the most profound works on display is by renowned fine art photographer David Yarrow. Known for his breathtaking and dramatic compositions, Yarrow’s Pretty Woman is a masterpiece from 2023 and limited to an edition of just 12. Yarrow’s journey into the depths of fine art photography began in the bustling newsroom of the London Times, but it was his adventurous spirit that ultimately shaped his career. From his iconic 1986 World Cup photograph of Diego Maradona to his striking wildlife and landscape images, Yarrow has developed a distinctive style characterised by intense focus, high-resolution, and a dramatic interplay of light and shadow. His work not only captures the grandeur of the natural world but also tells stories that resonate deeply with human emotions and experiences.

Another highlight is the significant piece from one of the most celebrated figures in the art world, Andy Warhol. Known for his profound impact on the Pop Art movement, Warhol’s work continues to captivate audiences with its bold commentary on consumerism and celebrity. Among the iconic pieces featured in this exhibition is his Turtle (FS II.360A), a stunning screenprint that embodies the essence of his artistic vision.

Yayoi Kusama

The exhibition also features the extraordinary works of Yayoi Kusama. At 92, Kusama has revolutionised art, reflecting her radical feminism and personal struggles, and is now sought after by collectors worldwide. Her works capture profound themes of identity and artistic rebellion, solidifying her legacy in contemporary art. “Yayoi Kusama’s art is a testament to her resilience and innovative spirit. Her ability to convey deep personal and societal themes through her unique artistic lens is what makes her work so compelling and essential for collectors,” says Zonias.

In 2020, Christie’s reported sales of £32 million in their prints department, a significant increase from the previous year. This burgeoning interest in Kusama’s prints is partly due to her longstanding global following, cultivated even before her art turned profitable, through events like her Anti-War Naked Happening & Flag Burning on Brooklyn Bridge in 1968.

Whether you are a seasoned collector or new to the art scene, this exhibition provides a profound insight into an exceptional artistic journey. Beyond Boundaries invites viewers to explore, engage, and be inspired by the transformative power of contemporary art.

Beyond Boundaries

125 Space,Georgiou A 125, Limassol. Tel: 25 733994, https://www.125space.com/ Monday to Saturday:10:00-13:00, 15:00-19:30, Sunday: 11:00–18:00