The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Keve) has announced that the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation is organising its inaugural mission to Japan, specifically targeting the smart factory and robotics sectors.

This mission is scheduled to coincide with the Factory Innovation Week fair, which will take place in Tokyo in January 2025.

During the three-day fair, selected participants will have the opportunity to exhibit in a joint booth under the EU-Japan Centre umbrella.

According to Keve, this mission will offer 12 EU SMEs and clusters a valuable opportunity to enter the Japanese market or further develop their ongoing activities in the country.

It aims to help these businesses establish technology or business partnerships, thereby increasing their innovation capacity and enhancing their competitiveness on a global scale.

The mission is set to take place from January 21-24, 2025, with an application deadline of October 30, 2024.

The event will be held in Tokyo, Japan, and will focus on several target sectors, including AI, IoRT, industrial robots, components and materials for robots, smart factory equipment and autonomous transportation, remote monitoring and operation support, and sustainable manufacturing solutions.

The EU-Japan Centre will cover participation fees for the trade fair and the operational costs of the booth. However, participating companies are expected to cover their travel, accommodation, and living expenses.

“This mission represents a significant opportunity for EU SMEs and clusters to engage with the Japanese market, fostering partnerships that can drive innovation and competitiveness,” Keve said in a statement.

For more information about the mission and to apply, interested parties can visit the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation’s website.