Procedures surrounding migration need an overhaul as they could be a tool for the country’s economic development, deputy migration minister Nicholas Ioannides said on Wednesday.

During a meeting at Depa’s offices, Ioannides briefed the party’s leader Marios Garoyian over the government’s strategy on combating migration.

He said emphasis must be placed on the asylum service to tackle ‘ghettoisation’, violence and illegality.

Efforts are underway with the EU to designate parts of Syria safe and will mean many Syrians living in Cyprus will go back, Ioannides specified.

He added there should be an overhaul where migration procedures are concerned, as legal routes can offer a source of economic development for Cyprus.

One of the priorities the deputy ministry is dealing with is ensuring there is no misinformation to the public, such as the benefits, which are much lower and stricter than citizens believe, Ioannides said.