Police are investigating an incident in the Famagusta district in the early hours of Friday where around 40 people gathered, set fire to mopeds and subsequently attacked firefighters at the scene.

Shortly after midnight, firefighters and police went to the area where the fire was set. Police said the culprits had brought the mopeds there and set fire to them. Some were wearing hoodies, and the others were masked, police said.

While firefighters tried to put out the blaze, some of the crowd began throwing stones at both them and police officers, shouting and cursing.

A police officer drew his weapon and fired a warning shot in the air, scattering some of the crowd. However, they continued to throw stones from a distance, police said.

As a result a firefighter was injured and had to be treated for a wound to his leg at the Famagusta hospital.

Police were gathering evidence at the scene on Friday morning. They are investigating a case of arson, harassment, assault on law enforcement, causing damage to property.