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Mediterranean Hospital, launches vaccinations certified by Cyprus blockchain app — Aretaeio to follow

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The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus announced on Tuesday that it had vaccinated 100 doctors and personnel, and certified the vaccinations using the Cyprus-developed E-H Cert blockchain app.

The Aretaeio Hospital in Nicosia is expected to make a similar announcement this week.

The first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine has been administered as of January 4, the hospital said in a statement.

“This is a great step for the return to normalcy,” the statement from Mediterranean Hospital said.

“With every country trying to create its own app, the use of VeChainThor (via the E-HCert App) as a single and immutable source of truth brings value, versatility and convenience for the return to normalcy,” commented Dimitris Neocleous, ecosystem manager at VeChain in Limassol, said in a tweet. 

Those vaccinated have received a digital certificate for their vaccination on their E-HCert App, which assures the quality and validity of the health data, the statement said.

The app was developed jointly by the Limassol-based I-Dante consultancy, and the VeChainThor Blockchain. E-HCert was successfully first launch in June 2020 for the Covid-19 RT-PCR Tests results, and the app has been used by more than 8,000 people for the reception of their  test results, after having a Covid-19 RT PCR test upon their arrival in the International Airport of Larnaca in Cyprus.

The blockchain provides immutability for data stored on it, as it is impossible to alter the data without undergoing automatic verification by the specially-designed algorithm.

As one of its goals, the founder of the MHC, Dr Andreas Panayiotou, put the development and the establishment of a reliable infirmary with flexible operational mechanisms at the centre. The E-HCert App can safely store comprehensive health data. This is shared only at the discretion of the patient, but can be quickly and easily made available to all parties.

The app fully complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

There is an urgent demand from health care authorities around the world for the rapid management of patient health care data with the collection of trustworthy and standardised encrypted medical records that can be safely shared between all parties.  VeChain proposes that its blockchain technology will become the choice for such an implementation.

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