Business organisations on Sunday issued a “desperate plea” in a letter to the president to increase the number of people allowed to have a physical presence at work to 25 per cent from the allowed 15 per cent.

The government, in its latest decree stipulated 15 per cent or a maximum of 20 people in one space.
Employers organisations are asking for 25 per cent with no maximum, if say 25 per cent comprises 30 employees for instance.

The joint letter was signed by the presidents of the Employers and Industrialists Federation OEV, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry Keve, the Association of Certified Public Accountants and the Cyprus Shipping Chamber CSC.

It pointed out that 25 per cent of the workforce was the minimum businesses needed to keep going.

“We desperately appeal to you to approve the physical presence in each business of up to 25 per cent of employees who are normally in-house without setting a maximum number,” the letter said.

“This percentage is the minimum that can ensure the satisfactory operation of the affected entities. The strict implementation of the protocols will at the same time ensure the effectiveness of anti-virus measures in the workplace.”

It added that the corresponding number for Greece was 50 per cent of the workforce allowed on the premises.