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Coronavirus: further clarifications announced to latest decree

Lock Down 06

The health ministry on Tuesday issued further clarifications as regards the lockdown and permissions to go out.

According to the ministry, the purchase of alcoholic beverages from restaurants is not allowed for take away or drive-through.

The reason is to prevent social gatherings outside these places, it said. Citing such incidents, a ministry spokesperson said that the sale of alcoholic beverages by restaurants or pubs for take away or drive-through ‘facilitate’ social gatherings.

As of 5am Sunday, in order to move around for purposes other than to go to work, the public have to send a text message and get permission and can do so twice a day.

As regards category 4, which concerns “absolutely necessary” visits to government departments or offices in the wider public sector or local administration, the ministry said that members of the public may also use this number for permission to go the nearest green spot in their area.

People who need to go to cemeteries to tend to graves may use number 8 which corresponds to any other reason for which movement is justified based on the restrictions.

Movement without permission is also allowed for physical exercise given that people remain within a 500-metre radius from their homes and as long as they are not more than two people, excluding minors escorted by their parents.

People whose physical presence is necessary at their workplace, and who have secured the necessary confirmation from their employers, do not need to send an SMS for permission to stop at a green point to drop off items for recycling on their way to work.

As regards shops that sell construction materials and other items that are relevant to the construction sector, these are not allowed to serve individuals, only professionals such as plumbers, electricians, builders, who need to buy supplies for their job.

Street vendors selling food such as mobile canteens that sell sandwiches, ice cream, fruits and vegetables, are allowed to operate provided that they hold a valid licence from the relevant municipal or community council and provided that the service is done only by take-away, drive-through or delivery and do not serve seated customers.

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