One of southern India’s most beautiful states, Kerala’s visitors benefit from its nearly 600km of Arabian Sea coast and beaches, famous backwaters, elegant houseboats, exotic wildlife and vibrant temple festivals.

Yet, for a long time in Kerala, unregulated tourism meant large corporations running the show, with the local community having to suffer the effects of large-scale development and environmental pollution. Meanwhile, very little of the money generated by tourism was finding its way back into the local economy.

For this reason, Kabanitour founder, Sumesh Mangalasseri was driven to promote tourism as a development option for affected communities.

This video follows World Nomads’ Jigar Ganatra as he travels to Kerala to learn more about the work of Kabanitour, and how it has rejuvenated tourism in the area, to become a sustainable part of the economy.

View the original video here.

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