With the approval of the 2021 state budget, the education ministry said on Friday it was now in a position to announce implementation of a €900 grant for artists as well as financial aid for cultural organisations and employees at sport organisations.

The three measures are part of the government’s latest package aiming to help deal with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic that was unveiled by the finance minister with the announcement of the January lockdown.

The ministry said that it would financially support employees as well as some bodies and organisations in these sectors as follows:

  1. New grant to artists and employees in the cultural field. The ministry will repeat through the cultural services, a €900 grant to employees in the cultural sector who have been affected by the pandemic, as per the previous scheme. Announcements will be made by the cultural services.
  2. Grant for bodies and organisations active in the cultural field not covered by other schemes. Announcements will be made by the cultural services.
  3. Grant for employees at sport bodies/organisations not covered by the employment schemes of the labour ministry. The amount will be calculated based on the criteria implemented for other employees by the ministry and the grant will be paid by the Cyprus Sports Association through the relevant bodies and organisations.

Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou on Friday participated in the informal teleconference of the ministers of education of the EU. According to the ministry, the meeting aimed to reflect on the contribution of education and training on the European pillar of social rights. The results of the meeting will be used for the preparation of the social summit to take place on May 7.