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How to extend your brick-and-mortar business’s reach with digital marketing

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Contrary to what some might think, digital marketing doesn’t just work for online companies. Even traditional brick-and-mortar businesses can utilise this form of advertising with the help of an Austin Digital Marketing Agency to generate some exposure and expand their reach to increase sales. After all, the majority of consumers today tend to depend on the internet for their needs. More often than not, they usually look up the store on the web first. And in most cases, their online experience can determine whether or not they visit the physical store or location.

No one can deny the importance of a digital marketing agency. The question is how a brick-and-mortar location can effectively leverage these strategies to connect with users and turn them into customers.

  1. Establish a community over the internet

A common practice that many businesses adopt is establishing a community over the internet that revolves around a niche or a particular subject matter related to their core product and service offerings. For physical retailers and other similar locations to achieve success in this endeavor, it’s highly recommended to go for content marketing because many consumers see value in it. More importantly, it makes the eventual goal of producing materials highlighting the company’s expertise easier.

For example, a street-side business that provides painting equipment and materials can run a blog that offers articles and tutorials on painting. Similarly, a company whose focus lies in tax-related services can provide pieces that talk about the rules and regulations of tax exemptions. And the best part is that even those without experience in ecommerce can create quality content that can be utilised to build an online community that’ll promote the business’s retail experience.

  1. Create a well-designed website that works on every platform

These days, nearly all businesses have websites. And for a good reason: not only does it lend credibility to the company but it’s a great way to establish an online presence and reach out to prospective consumers and help them learn more about the available offerings. Because of its importance, it’s vital to have a web page that is as well-designed as it is optimised on every platform. Creating a streamlined design that is visually appealing and easy to navigate on both computers and mobile devices alike can go a long way to allowing a brick-and-mortar establishment to secure its intended audience.

  1. Monitor and track the stats

One of the reasons for the widespread appeal of digital marketing is the technology that businesses can leverage to give their advertising strategies a better chance at success. And to further enhance a company’s online presence, it’s imperative that the stats throughout the various online channels used are tracked and monitored regularly. From the amount of daily traffic that the website receives to the conversion rate, collecting and analysing the data will enable a brick-and-mortar business to improve upon its marketing methods to elevate its efficacy and ensure that it delivers the desired results.

  1. Improve the contact list through email

Any business that doesn’t ask both current and prospective customers alike to register for a newsletter or loyalty programme isn’t taking advantage of the opportunity to enhance its valuable list of contacts. After all, companies can continue to communicate deals, share stories, and promote discounts and other special offers with users by collecting their emails. And by doing so, people will be far more inclined to make purchases from the business and elevate its sales as a result. As simple as this might appear to be, it’s an incredibly effective way to reel in potential customers.

  1. Understand the target market

Understanding target consumers is essential for any business to advertise to them effectively, and digital marketing is no different. After all, it’s impossible for anyone to generate the kind of content that’ll keep the intended audience engaged if they don’t have a grasp on what their needs and expectations are. And the investment of effort, time and financial resources towards conducting thoroughly comprehensive market research beforehand can help a business improve the chances of its strategies producing the planned outcome.

  1. Remain consistent in all digital marketing channels

For a brick-and-mortar business to successfully reach its audience, it needs to maintain consistency with its digital marketing efforts across all available channels. What this essentially means is that the ads and messages integrated into all available mediums must remain the same, regardless of what the platforms are. While it’s undeniably true that every social media site will have its own distinct and unique vibe, a company that takes the time to carefully match its marketing strategies to each individual outlet while maintaining the brand’s voice consistently stands a much better chance at succeeding than those that don’t.

  1. The advertising services of an Austin Digital Marketing Agency is an invaluable asset

Having a successful digital marketing strategy isn’t easy. It requires just as much knowledge and expertise as it does time and energy. And it is because of this that a business must secure the services of a digital marketing agency. However, not just any experts will do. And factors such as industry experience and reputation need to be carefully considered before committing to a specific firm. It may appear like a lot of additional work to research on the agency and read through testimonials, but it’ll provide insight and lead a company to specialists that can do the job right.

  1. Quality must always take precedence over quantity with content

Content generation is a major part of digital marketing. However, for it to successfully invest users and keep them engaged in the business, quality must be the focus, not just quantity. No matter what form it takes – be it text, video, or even just audio – content that lacks quality and relevance to the business will not only lead to poorer conversions and lesser leads. But it can result in lower rankings on the popular search engines. And, in turn, lessen its online visibility.

  1. Establish a presence on the appropriate social media platforms

It can be tempting to establish a presence on all social media platforms. While this may lead to immediate exposure, the visibility generated may not necessarily be positive. Not all channels are appropriate for every single type of industry, after all. And marketing on these outlets is likely to deliver poor returns on the investment. As such, it’s crucial that a business research which platforms will best serve their needs. Time invested in doing so will allow the company to get the best value out of its time and money.

  1. Always keep contact details updated

For a brick-and-mortar business to succeed in its digital marketing efforts, it must always keep its contact details updated on its website, social media platform, and other channels used. After all, it relies on face-to-face transactions for all the products and services offered. And it’s unlikely that it’ll get any business if the consumers don’t have the information needed to get in touch with them.


Digital marketing is necessary for success, even for brick-and-mortar locations. However, that’s not to say that it’s easy and straightforward. It does require some work, after all. But by pairing the strategies laid out above with the services of an excellent digital marketing agency, not only will a street-side shop or office give itself more opportunities to find and reach out to its target consumers, but it will help convert them into paying customers too.

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