Nicosia is the European city with the thriftiest shoppers, energy company Saveonenergy reported on Friday.

One of the biggest trends of 2020 was vintage fashion and thrifting, the report said.

“With vintage and thrifting trends continuing to follow us into 2021, fashion savvy experts at were interested to discover which European cities are home to the thriftiest shoppers.”

The Cyprus capital tops the list with a final score of 332.

It scored among the highest for the number of second-hand clothes and shoes available on e-commercial website Etsy and markets available in the city centre.

In second place is the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, with a final score of 316. This city scored highest for the number Etsy clothes and shoes listed and for thrifty related searches.

Third is Malta’s capital city, Valletta, with a total score of 286.

The least-thrifty of all European cities is Moscow, with its final score tallying up to only 48 points.

The Russian capital scored the lowest for Google related search volumes and for the number of markets available in the city centre.

Placed just above Moscow is the capital city of Belarus, Minsk, with a total score of 68. The Russian speaking capital scored low points for both second-hand stores and Etsy products.

For their research, analysed Google search volumes for second-hand shopping terms, as well as the availability of second-hand clothes and shoes on Etsy for each city location. also analysed Google Map searches of second-hand stores and markets per city.

“To take into account population differences, all figures were divided by each city’s population and then multiplied by 10,000 to present the results as per 10,000 populations. The sum of all variables was then found for each city to calculate the final score, thus revealing the thriftiest European city.”

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