A 47-year-old man and his wife, 45, were remanded on Saturday for six and three days respectively on suspicion of paying someone to burn their house so that they could claim the insurance.

The couple’s house in Episkopi, Limassol burned down on December 26.

In connection with the same case, the British bases police had arrested two men, 40 and 32, while a 23-year-old man is being sought.

The 40-year-old told police that the 32-year-old paid him and the 23-year-old €1,000 in total to set the couple’s house on fire when they would be abroad. He said these instructions were given by the couple.

The Limassol district court heard on Saturday that the 47-year-old had reported to the police that a safe with €180,000, jewellery and two watches worth in total €30,000 had been stolen from the house.

Τhe couple deny any involvement in the case.