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This season’s most soothing fashion trend is all about neutral tones

Co-ord Trousers in Camel, £32; Co-ord Wrap Jumper in Camel, £26; Animal Skater Shoes in Black, £38, available from Next. PA Photo/Handout.

By Prudence Wade

In turbulent times, fashion can be a comforting and uplifting presence in our lives.

What we wear can provide an escape from the craziness of modern life – and this sparks plenty of trends, like 2020’s newfound love of loungewear. Now, the latest style trend to sweep Instagram is a particularly calming one, as it goes all-in on neutrals.

Extreme, meme-worthy fashion – like miniature handbags and supersized hats – have a time and place, but what if you want your clothes to be more of a soothing balm? That’s where neutrals come in.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just about boring beige clothes though, because the options with neutrals are actually endless. Cream, camel, sand, stone, oatmeal – each shade is unique and has its own fashionable ID.

The coolest way to wear this trend is all about extreme matching. This means going head to toe in a camel jumper, coat, trousers and scarf – the works. Not everything has to be exactly the same shade (after all, that would require far too much effort for what is meant to be a calming trend) – as long as you’re in the neutrals colour spectrum, you’re set.

Looking to give highlighter colours a bit of a break and opt for soft and soothing instead? Feast your eyes on the best ways to wear neutrals this season…


Comfy coats

At its core, this trend is about cosiness and comfort – and that’s why teddy coats in tans, creams and buttermilks have stormed Instagram.

These are the kind of coats you can throw on over your loungewear and be ready for the outdoors. Choosing a lighter colour – instead of grey or black – gives the look a more modern and chic edge, but the fluffy material means you still feel cocooned.

Teddy coats can be engulfing, so if you want to sharpen up your outfit, pair with skinny trousers and chunky biker boots.


Luxe loungewear

Let’s face it: loungewear isn’t going anywhere. We’ve all had a taste of wearing comfortable clothes 24/7, and now it’s hard to be interested in anything that doesn’t have an elasticated waist.

Luckily, loungewear has well and truly evolved into something you wouldn’t mind being seen in – either on Zoom or, at some point, IRL.


Adeline Cable Knitted Cardigan, £99, available February 4 from Hush. PA Photo/Handout.

Natty knitwear

Chunky cardigans are back in style, thanks to popstar Taylor Swift. To celebrate the release of her album Folklore last year and the lead single Cardigan, Swift started selling a chunky, cable-knit button-up as part of her merchandise. She sent them to all her celebrity friends, sparking a craze for cardies that’s still going strong.

Again, it seems we’re all searching for a bit of comfort in our fashion – so anything that’s warm, soft and cocooning will fit the bill.


Marl Wide Leg Trousers in Khaki, £27.99 (were £39.99), available from Topshop. PA Photo/Handout.

Tasteful trousers

While many of us embrace the loungewear trend with open arms, some might miss the days of wearing real trousers. Luckily, it doesn’t seem like zips and buttons have been completely banished just yet.

A pair of loose, chic trousers in a subtle colour is the perfect way to ease yourself back into proper pants. They’re not as intense as a pair of jeans, and they’re a grown-up way to wear the neutrals trend. Pair with a chunky knit in a similar colour, French-tucked at the waist to give the silhouette a bit of shape.


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