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Limassol students organising first TEDxYouth conference

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A group of students in Limassol have undertaken to organise a TEDx event on Saturday called [email protected] TED is an organisation that arranges events of back-to-back speakers, each talking for just under 20 minutes around a central theme with the goal being to provoke thought and offer ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’.

Not deterred by the impossibility of hosting a physical event due to coronavirus restrictions, a group of enthusiastic students based in Limassol will be hosting the TEDx youth event online, using Zoom with audience signups open to anyone.

“It was about teamwork. We had to constantly evaluate what we were doing, adapting to the circumstances of national lockdown and coming up with creative solutions,” commented lead organiser Ria Gregoriou.

While independently organised TED events have taken place before in Cyprus, this youth edition will be the first of its kind to be broadcast from the island.

“It’s already a difficult time, and we are super grateful to have the opportunity to share our knowledge,” said Jack Givhan, a student who will be talking about the effect of globalisation on cuisine, “we didn’t want anything other than a quick signup to stand between us and our prospective audience, so we elected to forgo admission fees. Everyone’s welcome!”

The programme also includes three online performances and interactive games with hosts. All will be united by one common theme: ‘Beyond’. Organiser Mariana Razina said the event will feature six speeches on topics ranging from cartoons to global action to reduce food waste.

Phivos Phylactou, who will give a speech entitled Beyond What Our Eyes Perceive said the event will serve as “the perfect opportunity to practice my science communications skills and share with the public my complex research”. At a time when students have lost so much opportunity for social interaction, the event will serve as an opportunity to make their voices heard.


[email protected]

Taking place over Zoom 4-6.30pm on Saturday February 6. Signups are free and available at

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